13: Volume 1

13: Volume 1


A diverse comic book series about a world where every kid gets a superpower, but only for one year.

Contains Issues #1-#5 + Bonus Materials (136 pp, ages 10+)

Available as Digital Edition or Kindle Book (via Amazon).

Issue 1 – All 13s have power. Some are average, some are kind, some are lazy, and some like to test the limits of their power without mercy.

Issue 2 – The Tucker family prepares for Alin’s Arrival. Someone isn’t what they claim to be.

Issue 3 – The Quent Twins are not happy with their new surroundings. Alin and Thomas adjust to homeschooling.

Issue 4 – Michelle finds out about an event she thought was only a legend. Simon struggles with his new life.

Issue 5 – Michelle wonders if good deeds go unpunished. Thane has nightmares about turning 14.

Print Edition $29.99