Genre: Fantasy/Historical Fiction

Age: 9+

Availability: Paperback (Fall 2017)

Premise: Set in medieval times, a novel about the five princesses in charge of world peace.


The Five Nations: Endelle; Azin; Callen; Ponosta; and Erduz; are spread out roughly like the fingers on a hand. Each Nation shares a border with at least one other Nation. They also share a common land, a neutral zone, known as 'The Palm'. The Nations have held a comfortable peace for generations by faithfully maintaining the desperate agreement forged after decades of debilitating war.

Each Nation has its own Royal Family, customs, and language.

In each Royal Family there is a Princess, whose sole responsibility is to be an Ambassador of Peace.

On the annual commemoration of the end of the great wars, "Peace Day", these five girls - Princess Tuyên, Princess Anna’ Bilh-heh-neh, Princess Eiric, Princess Catequil, Princess Kelile - are prepared only to dance, laugh and exchange gifts.

That isn't, however, what they will be called to do.