Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance, Legal Drama

Age: 16+

Availability: Available now in paperback, e-book

Premise: Two lawyers who disagree on everything agree to work together to keep their shared secret buried.

Synopsis: Though clever and committed, Genevieve Munroe is in over her head trying her first class-action case. It doesn't help that the corporation Munroe is battling has deep pockets and a brilliant marketing campaign, or that half her clients are undocumented immigrants.

Nearing the end of his career, Harold Hillstead has acquired all the money and power he ever wanted. However, Hillstead has become suspicious of everyone around him -- with good reason.

Munroe and Hillstead don’t trust each other. They disagree on everything: from how to practice law to the history of the United States to modern politics. In fact, the only thing they can agree on is the secret they both need to keep buried.