M.I.S.//ing: Chapters 1-3

M.I.S.//ing: Chapters 1-3


Part hard science-fiction tale, part workplace comedy, "M.I.S.//ing" is a manga series set in a Midwestern accounting firm. It's the epic battle between the firm's M.I.S. Dept and its cubicle dwellers. And aliens.

Full-color, 5.5"x8.5" manga, 32 pages (27 pages of art).

Available as a Comic Book.

Chapter 1 – Hughes, Wicker and the rest of the M.I.S. Department must deal with actual life and death circumstances and the cubicle dwellers upstairs who think their lost files are the most important things in the world. 

Chapter 2 – Devon notices suspicious activity. Hughes and Wicker receive a gift they don’t want. 

Chapter 3 -  The Team comes in over the weekend, hoping to avert disaster. 

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